How is digital technology changing teaching and learning for you?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Digital technology in the classroom isn’t new. It can be said that not all schools in this fine (seriously flawed) education system of ours are equal. Regardless, it’s been taking a back-seat in the classrooms of Ireland for many years.

Digital evolution revolution:

Digital technology is evolving at an alarming rate. It makes me wonder if we’ll ever hit a plateau. And this progress on progress, without a notion what we are trying to achieve, will probably be the downfall of us. Alas here we are. Even if we tried we couldn’t avoid its existence in every aspect of our lives. And it’s the same in our classroom.

No longer does this guest sit humming quietly in the back of the room. It screams on my desk.

It connects. It entertains. It invokes response. It inspires. It explains. It interacts. It can not be ignored. It is at the heart of my teaching.

I quiver at the thought of a electrical outage. Or worse: LIMITED. INTERNET. CONNECTION.






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